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Tomahawk Tray

T.C Boxes’ new Tomahawk Tray sets itself to be one of the most versatile trays in the game. Engineered in Australia for American trucks, the Tomahawk Tray ensures you’re always ready for any adventure or job site.

Unleash the superior performance and unmatched durability with every journey.

Product Details

  • Removable Headboard
  • Optional headboard water tank
  • 26 tie-down nutserts
  • Rear STEDI LED lights
  • Four under-tray toolboxes
  • Spacious trundle drawer
  • Rear sensor mounts
  • Genuine MAXI Lamp LED taillights

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Iconic Design. Legendary Features.

Built with a rugged yet modern design and top-tier functionality, the Tomahawk Tray combines style with ultimate performance.

36 Ways To Secure Your Load

With 26 nutserts on the all-new tray deck, you can secure tie-down points wherever you need them.

  • Ultimate Storage Solution.

Four under-tray toolboxes and a spacious trundle drawer keep your gear organized and within reach.