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Ute Tool Boxes & Storage Brisbane

Tradie tough — Rugged ute toolboxes in Brisbane

Whether you’re an on-the-go tradesman or an avid outdoorsman — or both — stow your stuff in a strong and sturdy ute toolbox for the ultimate secure, easy-to-access space that will protect your tools and gear.

If you’ve been looking for the best ute toolboxes in Brisbane to keep your stuff safe and secure, you’ve found them. At T.C Boxes, we’re proud to provide reliable, cost-effective storage solutions for all your outdoor needs, from canopies and dog boxes for your next camping or hunting adventure to tradesman trailers and truck under tray toolboxes for tradies who need to take their tools on the road. And, of course, we also carry a premier range of indestructible toolboxes that will forever change the way you work.


High-quality aluminium ute toolboxes for every need

When you’re looking for the best ute toolboxes in Brisbane, there’s only one name you need to know — T.C Boxes. From small business general tradesmen to commercial and industrial groups, tradies across Australia trust our ute toolboxes to hold up to the stress and strain of tough work. And they do.

Here, you’ll find an exciting assortment of rugged ute toolboxes with unbelievable features in various shapes and sizes. Under tray boxes? We’ve got them. Partial door models? You bet. And they’re all finished with a UV-stabilised powder coating in your choice of black or white for a professional finish that looks great on and off the worksite.


More than just a toolbox – shop our range of must-have storage solutions

Electrician? Plumber? Carpenter? No matter what industry you’re in, you will love our range of versatile storage solutions. Choose from  a steel or aluminium ute toolbox model — you can’t go wrong either way since both offer the ultimate protection from travel, damage, weather and theft.

And protection isn’t all our ute toolboxes offer. Tradies and outdoor enthusiasts across Australia choose our toolboxes for their powerful, space-maximising design and top-of-the-line security and organisational features that blow the competition away. So, we've got you covered whether you’re looking for ute toolboxes in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or beyond.

Best of all, these must-have steel and aluminium ute toolboxes fit perfectly on our in-house engineered T.C Tray. These versatile trays are incredible — designed to hold anything from our range of storage solutions safely. The sky’s the limit with these ute add-ons. Attach a ladder rack for extra storage space on the job, or mount a fridge slide or caravan box on your tray for your next big outdoor adventure. No matter what you need, T.C Boxes is here for it.


Strong and durable ute toolboxes at T.C Boxes

When it comes to toolboxes, there’s tough — and then there’s T.C Boxes tough.

Our tough and hard-wearing storage solutions make life on the road easier, so don’t wait to start enjoying your new toolbox today. If you’re looking for the best, shop our ute toolboxes online or at our Melbourne store to find the storage solution to keep your tools and gear safe, organised and on hand. Be sure to check out our line of accessories for all the pieces you need to complete your setup to perfection.

Have questions about one of our products? Need help finding the perfect storage solution or installing it onto your ute? We’ve got a great team on hand ready to answer any question. Reach out to us today to learn more.



What size of ute toolboxes do you offer?

Our toolboxes come in a range of sizes from 900mm up to 1800mm to ensure you’ll be able to find the perfect one to fit your ute, trailer or truck. In addition to various sizes, our ute toolboxes come in multiple shapes, including traditional tray-mounted boxes, single and twin under-tray options, and so much more.

What colours do your toolboxes come in?

You can choose from various neutral finishes, including powder-coated black or white Scylla or a shiny alloy finish. Our aluminium boxes also come in either a solid or checker-plated finish.

How much weight can a ute toolbox hold?

That depends on which box you pick — but with its sturdy design and strong materials, you’ll be able to fit plenty.

You can learn more about the gross weight for each toolbox on its product page or by reaching out to our team for more info. Keep in mind that the gross weight won’t include the added weight of your tools. Be sure to take that and your vehicle’s payload into account when choosing your ute toolbox.

Do you deliver ute toolboxes?

As a result of the pandemic, our couriers won’t be able to ship to residential addresses. But don’t worry — getting your T.C order is still simple. Have it delivered to any address within an industrial estate or pick it up from one of our many depots across Australia.

How much time will it take to deliver a ute toolbox to Brisbane?

We’re proud to offer extremely fast shipping Australia-wide to addresses in an industrial area or any of our depots. Unfortunately, a lot of the freight times do vary due to circumstances out of our control but If you opt for depot delivery, you can pick up your steel or aluminium ute toolbox as soon as they arrive in your local depot.

I've got a question about ute toolboxes in Brisbane. How do I get in touch?

Feel free to reach out to us online using our handy contact form. If you’re in the area and need help with a question or want to see our products, you can also stop by our Melbourne or Sydney locations and speak to our knowledgeable team members. You can also visit our FAQ page for help with general questions.

What can I use a ute toolbox for?

A better question is, what can’t you use these boxes for? These storage solutions create convenient, easy-to-use, secure areas to store all your tools, equipment and parts while you’re on the worksite so that you don’t have to worry about damage from weather, accidents or theft. They’re perfect for all kinds of tradies, farmers, outdoor enthusiasts, and even industrial or mining sites.