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How it works

Get what you want today, pay it in four instalments, always interest-free.

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Log into or create your Afterpay account, with instant approval decision


Your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks

All you need to apply is to have a debit or credit card, to be over 18 years of age, and to be a resident of Australia.
Late fees and additional eligibility criteria apply. The first payment may be due at the time of purchase. For complete terms visit afterpay.com/en-AU/terms

Why use Afterpay?

Quick account setup

Download the app, then set up an account in less than 5 minutes with our instant approval decision.

Spend limits start at around $600.

We’re all about responsible spending; our smart spend limits increase with your on-time payments.

Split the payments, zero interest.

When you use Afterpay, you’ll pay in 4 interest-free instalments, and there are no late fees when you pay on time.



Is there a cost to using Afterpay?

Afterpay is a free service when you pay on time - there are no upfront fees charged or any interest incurred.

The only fees that may be incurred are late fees if your scheduled payments are unsuccessfully processed and, after being notified, you do not log in to your Afterpay account to make your payment via a different method.

We do everything we can for you to avoid late fees, including sending reminders leading up to the payment due date. We will charge a capped late fee of 25% for total orders below $40 & for each order of $40 or above, an initial $10 partial late fee will apply, and a further partial late fee (of up to $7) will also apply if the payment remains unpaid seven days after the due date. This approach will continue for all late instalments until the 25% cap is reached or the maximum late fee limit of $68.

When will my first payment be taken?

We will take the first payment at the time you place an order with us. This is usually 25% of the total purchase price.

Sometimes we run a pre-authorisation check where we take a small amount from your account – up to the value of your first instalment (plus 1 cent) for online purchases and up to 25% of the value of your in-store Afterpay Card (plus 1 cent)– to make sure your nominated card is working right.

Once this check is approved, we will instruct the bank to void the transaction. Sometimes it might appear on your account as a second payment.

Don’t worry - it is not a second payment and it will be resolved on your account shortly. If you have any questions, please contact us here.

First payment higher than the other three?  For some purchases, if your total order amount exceeds your Afterpay-approved spending limit the first payment may be higher than subsequent payments. Afterpay will show you how the instalments are split before you pay.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

How does Afterpay work?

Afterpay allows you to shop now and pay later. With Afterpay, your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks.

Simply shop with one of your favorite stores found in the Shop Directory and choose Afterpay as your payment method at checkout. First-time customers will need to create an Afterpay account (with instant approval decision) and returning customers will simply log in to make their purchase. For online orders, the goods will be shipped to you by the retailer after checkout. For in-store shopping, download the Afterpay mobile app, follow the in-app instructions to set up the Afterpay Card, and use the Afterpay Card with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay to make a contactless payment at checkout. You’ll pay 25% at the time of purchase, and take your purchase home that day. It’s that easy!

At any time, you can log in to your Afterpay account to see your payment schedule and make a payment before the due date. Otherwise, we'll direct debit payments on the due dates, as outlined on your payment schedule.

If applicable, you may have multiple instalments due on the same date, depending on when your orders were placed. Instalments that are due on the same date and have the same preferred payment method, will be bundled and processed in one transaction. Orders that have Apple Pay as a payment method will not be included in automatic bundling.

We’ll send you a payment confirmation email with a breakdown of your payments. This email will provide you with a breakdown of the payment so you can identify which instalments were paid.

Please note: Afterpay does not approve 100% of orders. We are committed to ensuring we support responsible spending.

When determining which orders to approve, we consider a number of different factors. As an example, the longer you have been a shopper using Afterpay and the more orders you have successfully repaid, the more likely you will be able to spend more.

Things to consider

  • Are there sufficient funds on your card? Generally we look to see the first instalment amount available to spend.
  • The length of time you have been using Afterpay
  • The amount you have to repay
  • The value of the order you are trying to place
  • The number of orders you currently have 'open' with us

While we know it can be frustrating to not know exactly how much you can spend each time or how many active orders you can have, our rules and approval process help Afterpay responsibly offer our service to our customers.

Can I change the due date of a payment?

You can change the due date of a payment yourself via our mobile app or website! 

Via the Afterpay App: 

  • 1. Log in to your Afterpay App
  • 2. Select the “My Afterpay” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • 3. Select the “Orders” tab
  • 4. Select the payment that you wish to change
  • 5. Select “More” in the top right of your screen
  • 6. Select “Change next payment date”
  • 7. Select your preferred date (within the next 7 days) and confirm 

Via the Afterpay website: 

  • 1. Log in to your account via the Afterpay website
  • 2. Click the “Upcoming Payments” tab
  • 3. Select the payment that you wish to change 
  • 4. Click “Change next payment date”
  • 5. Select your preferred date (within the next 7 days) and confirm

Important to note: 

Some payments cannot be changed. If the option is not available, you will see a message on screen that says  "Uh oh! This payment date can’t be changed"

Reasons why:

  • You can only move one payment per order, if you need more help, please send us a message via the mobile app
  • You will not be able to reschedule the first or last payments via this self-service feature, if you require help with this, please send us a message via the mobile app
  • If a payment is already overdue or due within the next 24 hours, we cannot move the payment (neither our team or by using the self-service feature)
  • Brand new customers (less than 42 days since your first purchase) will not be able to use this feature
  • If you are already under a hardship repayment arrangement with us, you will not have access to this feature

Can I make a partial payment?

Yes you can! You can choose to make a custom payment towards one of your existing instalments. 

To do this, see the steps below:

Via the Afterpay app:

  1. Log in to your Afterpay App
  2. Select the “My Afterpay” tab in the bottom right corner of your screen
  3. Select the “Orders” tab
  4. Select the order that you wish to make a payment towards
  5. Select “Make a payment” and click “Custom amount”
  6. Enter in the amount that you would like to pay 
  7. Submit payment

Via the Afterpay Website:

  1. Log in to your account via the Afterpay website
  2. Click the “Upcoming Payments” tab
  3. Click the order that you wish to make a payment towards 
  4. Click “Make a payment” and select “Custom amount”
  5. Enter in the amount you would like to pay
  6. Submit payment

How much can I spend with Afterpay?

You will be shown an estimated amount you can spend when you log into your account or app. The amount you can spend using Afterpay generally changes based on how you use your account. We know that being aware of factors that influence your available spending can help you stay in control of your finances, so we’ve broken down some of those factors below:

Making payments on time
Your Afterpay payment history is an important factor that affects how much you can spend with your account. Here are a few things to look out for that may impact your available spending:  

  • Tenure since first order
  • The frequency of orders made 
  • Payment source
  • On time payments made
  • The frequency of on time payments made
  • Late payments
  • The frequency of late payments
  • How late a payment was made
  • How often orders get declined due to insufficient funds on the payment method on-file

Just as there are things that might decrease the amount you can spend, good spending behaviour like making payments on time might increase what you can spend with your account. 

We’re committed to making sure that our community feels empowered and in control of their finances, so if you’re facing financial hardship and are unable to make payments, contact us to ask about how we might be able to help. 

Here are some further insights on how your actions impact your spending limit. 

We value loyalty and on time payments
If you’re a new Afterpay user, the amount you can spend will be lower than if you’ve been responsibly using the platform for a long time. Typically, the longer you’ve been using your account—and have made payments on time—the more likely the amount you can spend will increase. 

Avoid declined purchases based on insufficient funds
Avoiding declined purchases is one way to help increase the amount you can spend with us in the future. To do this, check your account before making purchases to find out what you have available to spend. You should also make sure that the card you’re going to pay with has enough funds to cover the 1st payment.

Still need help?

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