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Ute Tool Boxes & Storage Sydney

When it comes to reliable and robust storage solutions, there’s only one supplier you can turn to — T.C Boxes. Whether you’re a general tradesman or work in an industrial or mining site, our ute toolboxes are built to handle the rigours of any workplace and keep your tools and equipment organised for a seamless workflow. Best of all, you can be sure they’ll do a much better job than any of the sulky apprentices around the place! 

Available in a range of styles and sizes, explore our collection and choose from the best ute toolboxes in Sydney to improve the utility of your vehicle.

Effective storage for your workday 

Often these days, if you’re a tradie, you will be on the go across multiple job sites. To keep all your tools and equipment secure, you need a quality-built toolbox that will stand up to the test of time. Our collection of ute tool boxes is the ideal storage solution when it comes to protecting and storing your work gear.  When work takes you to all corners of Sydney, you can enjoy the functionality of a quality aluminium ute toolbox fitted onto your ute tray. Keeping all your tools organised and together so work days are less stressful has never been easier or more affordable than with T.C Boxes.

With a vast range of storage solutions ranging from 900mm to 1800mm with full and partial door enclosures in classic box styles and tapered builds, T.C Boxes has something for everyone. Whether you’re working from various businesses and residences, industrial sites, farms or estates, our range will centralise your kit for easy access and transport to prepare you for any job.

T.C Boxes boasts a wide range of high-quality ute toolboxes in Sydney to accommodate compact, run-around vehicles for work and heavy-duty trucks for the tradie with all the tools and toys. We even offer under-tray toolboxes and truck under-tray toolboxes to maximise your vehicle’s storage, so you’re never without your trusty tools. 

Fitted with several internal drawers and shelving, our collection of ute tool boxes in Sydney will provide you with expansive and efficient storage to organise everything from your drill bits to your power tools. Keep track of your gear and use leftover space to store tackle for cheeky weekend fishing trips.

Ute toolboxes made tough

If you’ve been looking for a ute toolbox in Sydney, T.C Boxes can fit you out with a model to outlast them all. Stocking both industrial-grade steel and aluminium ute toolboxes that we guarantee will easily handle long hours of work and drives on unsealed roads.

For the tradies who need it built tough, our durable range is designed and tested to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Our ute toolboxes feature dust and water seals to protect your gear — rain, hail or shine.

Any master tradesperson is only as good as their tools. With our robust steel and aluminium ute toolboxes, you can safely store your parts behind lock and key to keep the equipment you’ve invested in safe from prying hands no matter what neck of the woods your work takes you. Keep your gear safe with T.C Boxes.

Make work easy with T.C Boxes

Don’t just get ready — stay ready with T.C Boxes’ collection of storage solutions and utilities. Easily installed with no modifications, our steel and aluminium ute toolboxes will keep your tools and equipment in good order for easy access and efficient workflow. To get the most out of your work on the road, check out our comprehensive range of fridge slides, ladder racks, aluminium canopies and other accessories.

While we’re your partner at work, we’ll also improve your experience holidaying on the road with caravan boxes to store your gear when travelling up the coast and dog boxes to transport your best friend easily.

Looking for ute toolboxes in Sydney or Melbourne. We'll fit your vehicle out with storage solutions and amenities to make easy work of any task. Visit our Melbourne or Sydney store or explore our complete range online for easy and affordable shipping across Australia. If you need help selecting a ute toolbox for your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us — we'll be happy to help.


What size ute toolboxes do you offer?

At T.C Boxes, we offer ute toolboxes in Sydney and Australia-wide ranging from 900mm to 1800mm that accommodate all utes, trucks, vans, trailers and utility vehicles. Whether mounted on or under your tray, you’ll find a model to suit your needs and fit your car.

Additionally, we build our ute toolboxes in various shapes and enclosures, including full and partial doors, boxes, and single and twin under tray toolboxes to help you install effective storage solutions and keep your parts and tools secured without sacrificing space for bulkier machinery.

What are ute toolboxes generally used for?

A ute toolbox is ideal for storing, organising, and securing all your parts and tools behind a lock and key when working across different worksites. Installed on your vehicle, they offer the services of your many workshop’s toolboxes and cabinets wherever a job takes you.

Whether you work as a tradesperson, on a farm or industrial site, ute toolboxes offer multiple shelves and drawers to keep your parts and tools organised for easy access and efficient workflow.

How much weight can ute toolboxes hold?

Please review our product pages for more information on specific models or contact us to learn more. When purchasing any ute toolbox, it’s important to be aware of your vehicle’s payload to confidently drive smoothly and safely, especially on unsealed roads.

What colours do your ute toolboxes come in?

Our ute toolboxes are finished with a UV stabilised powder coating in black Scylla and horizon white Scylla for a sleek matte finish. We also offer options in alloy and checker plate. Whether you’re working for yourself or are driving a company vehicle, our neutral finishes ensure you can maintain a sense of professionalism at each job site.

What materials are ute toolboxes made of?

At T.C Boxes, we offer both steel and aluminium ute toolboxes built to the highest standards and quality.

How heavy are ute toolboxes?

Depending on the size of the ute toolbox you select and the number of internal shelving and drawers they feature, our lightest Aluminium Toolbox is 48kg all the way up to our heaviest 1800mm Steel Toolbox which weighs 181kg — not including your tools and equipment. To find out the gross weight for any ute toolbox, please visit the relevant product page or reach out for more information.