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"I wanted a strong, long-lasting canopy that I could set up right and have for many cars to come. I did my research and found the reviews and feedback from TC was nothing but positive. I ordered the canopy online and picked it up from the Adelaide freight depot two days later. Since then, the canopy's strength, durability and finish compared to others I have come across is not comparable."

- Tom Wiseman

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"I've got the 1200mm canopy and it's been phenomenal. It was very well priced considering how well the box is built.
I was contacted on the monday confirming all the details and it arrived in Canberra on the Wednesday. Everyone I show the box too is impressed and it hasn't leaked a drop of water or had any dust ingress. Great service and a great product."

- Maximus Claringbould

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"Can’t beat this product, perfect for the work days to keep the tools safe and dry! Awesome for the weekends away to take the hound on adventures, hasn’t let me down once!! Highly recommended to my family and friends who some have also made a purchase of your products and haven’t been let down. Can’t wait to get another canopy from you guys."

- Neil Vincent



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