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4 Things To Consider When Buying A Camping Swag

Selecting the right camping swag can mean the difference between a beautiful night spent under the stars and a freezing cold one that leaves you feeling grumpier than when you headed out of town. 

How to choose the right camping swag

There are many factors to consider when choosing a swag, and whether you’re replacing a well-worn one or buying your first camping swag for a weekend away or road trip, you may be feeling lost as to which options are right for you. In order to help you pick the best camping swag to suit your needs, we’ve compiled our ultimate checklist to run through before you commit to a purchase. 

1. Think about size

As with most gear you will take camping, deciding on the size of your swag will require a trade off between comfort and weight. The larger you go, the more spacious and comfortable your camping swag will be. On the other hand, extra legroom and headroom will way you down. 

Longer camping swags will also require more storage space, normally maxing out at lengths that won’t fit a standard car boot. Swags come in three sizes; single, king single and double. 

At T.C Boxes, our swags are designed for the tall, clocking in at 2150mm in length. We offer both single and double-width camping swags so you can select an option that suits your camping style; solo traveller or dream team.     

2. Choose the right materials 

Australia is an unforgiving place to head out into nature. From cold nights in the desert to scorching days by rivers and lakes, snowy peaks and humid rainforests, it’s a mixed bag of beautiful but harsh climates. Accordingly, if you plan to invest in a camping swag that can do it all, you want suitable materials for the job. 

A good swag will be made of a material that can do a lot. We’re talking about: 

  • Protection from rain
  • A good seal to keep out wind, water and creepy crawlies
  • Sturdiness that can hold up during storms
  • Weather-proof floor to keep moisture out
  • Options for airflow on hot days

We spent a lot of time researching and developing our range of camping swags to come up with designs that we could rely on in far-flung locations and hard tracks. We use a 410 gsm ripstop canvas to give a completely waterproof canopy, bolstered with fully taped seams, full-length storm flaps to keep you secure and a functional two-way zip system that makes entering and exiting your swag easy. A 600 gsm reinforced PVC bucket floor is layered with a 70mm foam mattress to keep you dry and comfortable all night.  

3. Pick the type of swag that will suit you 

There are plenty of different styles of camping swags, and depending on the way you like to camp and your personal preference, certain styles may suit you better than others. The two major types of camping swags are: 

  • Apex swags — Apex swags have a single point of elevation created by a pole. They are lightweight and easy to carry, and set up is simple; just roll out and set up the pole, and you’re ready to go. 
  • Dome swags — On the other hand, dome swags create a roomier and more comfortable sleeping style, featuring flexible bent poles that create a dome-like entrance at either end. This gives you extra headroom inside to sit in, and the shape also offers better protection from storms and direct rainfall away from you. The trade-off with all that extra space and protection is a heavier, more cumbersome carry. 

At T.C Boxes, we offer dome swags in single and double sizes for various camping needs. Openings at either end and from the top make it easy to access your swag but also seal up to keep you warm and dry when you need it. 

The built-in mattress makes for a more comfortable sleeping experience, especially valuable when you’re headed out for days or weeks on a trip or planning to trek during the day and need to have your strength. The increased headroom also allows for easier dressing in the morning before you head out into the frosty air. 

4. Take quality into account

When it comes to camping gear, some camping gadgets are designed to tickle your fancy and part you with your hard-earned cash, but that, ultimately, you really don’t need. Camping swag isn’t one of these. Making sure you’re warm enough and getting quality sleep on a camping trip is essential. 

The right swag can mean the difference between waking up refreshed and energised and risking feeling tired at best and actually getting sick at worst if weather conditions aren’t favourable. While the super ornate hunting machete with built-in Bluetooth is probably a nice-to-have, quality camping swag is essential. 

Shop T.C Boxes for the best quality swags in Australia 

Whether you’re hitting the road for a camping trip or trying to nail the setup for your work vehicle, T.C Boxes has got you covered. From the range of sturdy swags made for all-weather camping to aluminium canopies and tradesman trailers, we specialise in crafting durable storage solutions for tradies and great outdoorspeople. 

Shop the range of camping swags and storage solutions from T.C Boxes today, and make sure you’re well-equipped for whatever the day throws your way.

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