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How To Choose The Right Canopy For Your Ute

No matter your business or the cargo you’re hauling, you’ll probably need a ute canopy to protect it and get the job done. At T.C Boxes, we offer a range of aluminium canopies to easily store your tools of the trade and protect them from damage or theft. Deciding which aluminium ute canopy is right for you, however, is easier said than done. 

There are many factors to consider when choosing an aluminium canopy that will make your life easier, your workflows more streamlined and your pack up and pack down faster. 

So, to help you decide which ute canopy is right for you, allow us to run through the main factors to consider and which style of aluminium canopy will work best for your needs.  

Selecting the right style and size 

There are a variety of aluminium canopies with different configurations, and some will suit your setup better than others. At T.C Boxes, we offer three distinct styles: 

  • Half canopies – If you require room left in your tray for building materials or other storage needs, this is the perfect option. A half canopy will give you the versatility to safely store equipment and tools away from the elements while still giving you much-needed room for bulky items.

    You can also give yourself more versatility by fitting a half canopy with an interior fridge slide, so you can play around with your storage setup based on your needs for the day or the job at hand.
  • Full canopies – A full canopy will help you keep everything safe and secure, with dual locking capabilities, weather and corrosion-resistant coatings and a dust-proof seal to give you total peace of mind.

    At T.C Boxes, we offer a range of full aluminium canopies in 1200mm, 1500mm, 1650mm and 1800mm sizes to suit a range of makes and models. If you don’t often need to transport bulky items but carry a variety of tools, electrical equipment or specialised gear, a full canopy is ideal because it allows you to safely store your cargo all year round, away from prying eyes.  
  • Toolboxes and modules – Just need a safe place to store your tools, amongst other items that can sit in your ute tray? Look no further than our modular steel and aluminium toolboxes. These ute canopy alternatives give you a designated spot for all your tools, so they stay organised, secure and safe even on long bumpy journeys and between multiple jobs.

    Ideal for plumbers, carpenters, miners, electricians and any tradespeople that deal with a large number of specialised tools, a modular tool box style ute canopy means you can quickly reach for the exact equipment you need in a flash. AT T.C Boxes, we offer 900mm, 1200mnm, 1500mm and 1800mm toolboxes to fit a number of different chassis and the requirements of your business.
  • Taking weight into consideration

    A big part of deciding which aluminium canopy will be right for you is considering the weight requirements of your vehicle. Many of our aluminium ute canopies come with interior RHS bracing, which allows them to withstand up to 300kg on the roof without damage. If you’re unsure what weight requirements you’ll need for your setup, feel free to chat with one of our team. 


    From dedicated pull-out tool draws and appointed toolboxes to large aluminium ute canopies that can be packed in various ways, what you need to store will be a major component in which option you go for in a ute canopy. As we’ve mentioned, if you often throw extra bulky items into the tray, a half canopy will give you extra room for that day’s haul. 

    If you’ve got a trusty four-legged companion, you may want to consider a ute canopy with a dog section. These designs will keep your pet safe from the elements, offering shelter and extra security when needed. Our dog-friendly full aluminium canopies have been designed to keep your furry friend safe and secure, with a fully reinforced floor and a separate section that keeps them on one side and your equipment on the other. 


    Once you’ve selected the spiffy ute canopy of your dreams, you may still need a little extra customisation to really make it the workhorse you’ll need day in and day out. This is where our aluminium canopy accessories come in.

    Accessories will help you make the most of your ute canopy’s space and keep delicate items like jerry cans upright and safe throughout your journeys. If you’re often out in remote areas, a spare wheel holder accessory will give you extra peace of mind should you come to a cropper, and kitchen storage slides provide a great place to store your provisions to fuel your busy day. 

    Shop the range of aluminium canopies for sale from T.C Boxes

    No matter how you make a living, if you use a ute as part of your work, an aluminium canopy is essential for making the most of your space, keeping your tools and equipment secure and your job running smoothly.

    At T.C Boxes, we make it easy to find the right ute canopy for your needs, which will last for years and provide the extra storage or utility you need, along with all the accessories to make the most of it.

    Shop the best range of aluminium ute canopies in Australia today, and find out why our customers love our reliability, quality and price. Taking the ute out for a weekend away? Complete your setup with swag for camping trips and nights on the road.   

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