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It is a tale as old as time, man and his dog, so there is no wonder there is no more iconic Australian trio: a man, a dog and of course his ute. As common as it has been for a long time for dogs to ride at the back of the ute, we realise now that is not always the safest option for our furry friends. While some dogs do get to ride at the front in the cab, sometimes this is just not feasible, which is why getting a dog box for your ute is a better and safer alternative. Keeping them secured as you drive around, it is a much safer option than tying them up or not having them secured at all, especially when you are driving at high speeds and weaving in and out of traffic. Protecting them more from just the traffic, being in a dog box will keep them safe from the elements. You will not have to worry about your best friend being out on the hot tray of the ute or caught in the rain or wind. The beauty of a dog box is that it can also come as part of additional options or attached to already installed steel or aluminium toolboxes. If the steel or aluminium toolboxes are not a necessary addition, you can even get it partnered with some additional storage or a fridge. Either way keep your best friend safe by getting a quality dog box for your ute.

Choosing Aluminium Toolboxes

Everybody has tools that they need to complete their job and you cannot get more literal than with a tradesperson. Almost as important as the tools themselves, a tradesperson also needs a toolbox. To transport their goods to and from worksites, store them safely and keep them organised, a toolbox is a tradesperson livelihood and that means it needs to be of the highest quality. That is why having a strong and well-equipped toolbox for your ute is vital. There are a few different materials a quality toolbox can be made out of, and the choice can come down to function or preference, but aluminium toolboxes are always a great choice. As aluminium is a lightweight material, compared to other materials it will weigh down your vehicle a little less than say a steel toolbox. Lighter does not mean less durable though, in fact being a lighter material, it makes it easier work with making it a more customisable option. This also makes it a cheaper option as well. If you are looking for a toolbox for your vehicle that is lighter, cheaper and still durable, then aluminium toolboxes are a wise choice for any tradesperson.

Steel Tool Boxes

Not always better or worse than the other, deciding on whether you want a steel or aluminium toolbox for your vehicle really depends on what you are using them for and essentially what you as a tradesperson prefers. If you have not been sold on the durability of the aluminium toolboxes, then maybe a steel toolbox is more to your preference. While they are a little heavier and tad bit more expensive than their aluminium counterparts, steel toolboxes are always worth the investment. They are extremely strong and handle being exposed to the elements as well, you can be sure that if you invest in a steel toolbox that your tools will be stored safely and securely. This is especially a great option if you are transporting heavier equipment and need a toolbox that can handle more load on the shelves. Steel tool boxes can be a little more suited to those working on more industrial sites than aluminium toolboxes, often it does come down to the type of material that a tradesperson will be transporting. The finishers that steel toolboxes can have also means that they are less susceptible to rusting and you can also get steel toolboxes in a range of colours to match your vehicle, helping amplify your professional tradesperson image and brand. Easy to clean, able to carry a heavy load and the range of wonderful finishers and colours, it is easy to see why steel toolboxes are a popular choice.

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