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Aluminium Toolboxes - Out of all the necessary items a tradesperson needs for their job, a toolbox is the one thing that needs to be of the highest quality. When going from job to job and storing your tools, it is important to ensure that your car is equipped to not only store your tools but protect them from the elements and theft. Deciding on what toolbox is right for you will come down to personal and professional preference. There are a few key differences between aluminium and steel toolboxes, so it is important to assess what your needs and preferences are before investing in one for your car. Aluminium toolboxes are an extremely popular choice as aluminium is a lightweight material. This means you do not have to worry about your toolbox weighing down your car. Just because it is lighter material, that does not mean that it is not durable like steel toolboxes. It is also generally a cheaper option. If you need a lighter, more affordable toolbox that is sure to meet all your personal and professional needs you can rest assured that when you order any aluminium toolboxes with T.C Boxes, you will not be sacrificing on durability and will be able to get just the one you are looking for.

Steel Toolboxes - While aluminium toolboxes are quite durable, steel toolboxes are second to none when it comes to durability. They may be a little bit heavier and possibly more expensive, but their lasting power is makes it worth the investment especially if you are going to be transporting heavier tools and equipment. It also means that if you are visiting more industrial sites and places that may put your tools at risk, the steel toolboxes are a great way to ensure their protection. If you are looking for toolboxes that are easy to clean, can be overloaded and can last an age, then choosing a steel toolbox from T.C Boxes for your vehicle is the right option.

Dog Boxes - It is something of an iconic Australian story, having your dog on the back of the ute as you drive around. Over the years a lot of changes have been made to ensure the safety of those travelling inside a car. If we are safe inside the car then our furry friends deserve to be safe outside the car. Which is why investing in a dog box for your ute is the best way to keep your dog safe as they travel with you from place to place. Not only does it keep them safe while driving, but it is also an extra layer of protection for them from the elements. Direct sunlight or being out in the cold and rain is not good for anybody, particularly man’s best friend. With additional storage or a fridge being an option, our dog boxes at T.C are the best option to ensure your four-legged best friend never misses out on another trip again.

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