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Every day throughout Australia, hardworking tradespeople are having their tools stolen. Often once the tools and equipment are stolen, they are sold off for a fraction of the retail price. We will never be able to completely stop theft from happening, but we have put together a list of tips to give you the best possible chance of keeping your tools free potential thieves. Unfortunately, theft is not the only thing that can ruin your tools and equipment. The unforgiving Australian elements can cause your tools to rust over time, making them unusable. While we have no control over the weather, we do have control over protecting our tools.

Secure your tools – Our first tip may seem like a slightly obvious one, but there are plenty of trusting tradies around who think that their tools will be fine when just left lying around unsecured. What we know about theft is that a lot of it happens on an opportunity basis. If the thief can see your tools are not easily accessible, they are more likely to move on. By getting yourself a toolbox that can be securely locked, you are taking the steps to ensure your tools are going to remain in your possession. We recommend a toolbox such as ours that has a reliable dual locking system, by protecting your tools you are protecting your future.

Invest in strength – Investing in a toolbox that is manufactured using industrial strength materials is a good way to ensure your tools aren’t going to be damaged or stolen. There is plenty of cheap toolboxes on the market that are made from flimsy materials that won’t withstand the test of time. We know what it takes to design and engineer a product that is practical, durable and strong that is why all of our T.C toolboxes are built with reinforced internal bracing and dual folded returns.

Protect your tools from the elements – Thieves aren’t the only things that can damage your tools and equipment. The harsh Australian elements have been known to ruin tools by causing them to rust and deteriorate. Investing in a good-quality toolbox that has airtight seals will mean that your tools and equipment are safe from all weather conditions. Don’t leave your tools to tarnish in the back of your ute, get yourself a toolbox that you can trust will protect your tools.

Protecting your tools is a critical part to ensuring that you can go to work everyday with ease, the first step to doing that is by investing in a quality toolbox. If you are still unsure about what toolbox will best protect your tools and suit your needs, then give our friendly sales team a call on 1300 TCBOXES. 




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