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If you've ever planned a trip around Australia, then you know that so much planning and organizing goes into making sure you’re as prepared as possible. After you have started planning the route you will take, it’s important to start fitting out your vehicle and canopy. As tempting as it can be to just throw everything in and get on the road, it is not a good idea especially when you are 200kms from the nearest town and you end up with a flat tire. 

We know the stress that comes with getting organised for an off road trip, so to minimise some of the headache we have put together our top 3 tips to fitting out the canopy of your dreams! 

Fit it to the exterior for more room in the interior

Packing your canopy at home before you set off, can be like a long game of tetris. With a list of things to pack a mile long, you want to make sure that everything has a designated spot, that way you can find everything with ease. We recommend securing as much as possible to the outside of your canopy, things such as jerry can holders, spare wheel holders and ladder racks will leave the inside of your canopy clear for things like your bags and food. 

Fitting a slide

Fitting one of our Kitchen Slides will make setting up camp every night all that much easier, after a long day of driving it’s important that your nights can be spent relaxing. Installing one of our V2 Kitchen Slides will mean setting up your roadside kitchen will take less than a couple of minutes. 

Installing 12V Accessories

With a large range of 12v accessories now on the market, it has never been easier to spend time camped up off-road. While T.C Boxes don’t have their own range of 12V accessories, we know just how helpful they can be. That is why we have put together a list of our favourite 12v accessories, that you can fit to the inside of your T.C Canopy.  

  • DUAL BATTERY – Probably the most important of the 12v accessories is a dual battery. A crucial part of any touring vehicle, there is nothing more annoying then waking up to your car not starting because the battery is dead, make sure you can head to the tracks as soon as you wake up by investing in a quality dual battery system.
  • FRIDGE –Whether you’re just going up bush for the day or taking on a round trip to Cape York, you’re going to need a fridge. With so many on the market, you won’t be short on choice. All that is left to do is, fit your new fridge to one of our famous fridge slides and you’ll be cracking open a cold one in no time. 
  • OVEN – Gone are the days that all you could cook when camping was sausages on the fire. 12V ovens have taken the 4x4 world by storm, with many being compact, portable and user friendly they are the perfect addition to any touring vehicle. 
  • LED LIGHTS – Name something more painful than getting to the campsite late at night and trying to roll out your swag in darkness. Make setting up easier by purchasing some 12v lights, with so many on the market there is no shortage to choose from. There is a range of LED strips that come with easy velcro attachments that you can easily fit to your canopy door or you can install external lights with outdoor housing to brighten up your campsite. 

You can rest easy knowing that no matter where you’re camped up, your gear and equipment will be safe and secure. All of our canopies come standard with a dual locking system and thick rubber seals, which means your equipment will always be protected from the harsh Australian elements. The space is yours with a T.C Boxes Aluminium Canopy, fit it out exactly how you would like and then all that’s left to do… is hit the road.

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